Creating Racks

Racking items or tickets to a specific rack can be a handy way to keep track of customer garments.  To be able to do this you'll need to first have the racks created in the Starch Up system.

To Create a new rack you'll got to setup -> services -> racks tab where you can create a new rack.  There you'll have a few details to fill out.

  • NEW RACK NAME -- This will identify the rack later in the system.  This could be something like Assembly for items being assembled, or Ready for things that are ready to go out to a customer, but if you're in the wash and fold buisness this could also be something like Washer 1 or Dryer 12

  • # OF SLOTS -- How many items can be added to this rack.  Your choice here would be determined by how many physica slots you've got on the location in question

  • STARTING SLOT - from which number should we start counting slots.  Again this will be determined by your physical setup.  Do your rack slots start at 0, 1, or 100?

  • STATUS  -- When a ticket is assigned to this rack, the ticket will be set to this status.  Generally speaking if this is a temporary rack / laundering machine you may want to keep things as processing, or assembled for an assembly rack, or ready if you're racking things to a delivery truck