Workstation Settings

Settings that are particular to a given work station can be set via the home page -> workstation settings menu.  These settings include:

Name: Action
Ticket The name of the printer that will be used for printing both tickets and receipts
Tag The name of the printer used to print garment tags
Pick List The name of the printer used to print page format printed manifests
Drawer The name of the cash drawer transactions processed on this workstation should be reported to
Auto Refresh When checked, this will automatically refresh the dashboard every 5 minutes.  This can be useful to ensure your dashboard always has recently placed orders
Store Notes A note that will be added to internal reports for transactions from this workstation.  This can be used for example to specify a store location name
Classic Detail Mode This changes the view used when detailing orders.  The classic view is a bit slimmed down view which some users find to be faster to work with.  The choice of which view to use however is totally up to you.