Setting up your Metalprogetti conveyor

Here is a quick tutorial on how to  set up a connection to your Metalprogetti conveyor:

  1. In the navigation bar, go to SETUP > Conveyor
  2. Click "Add new conveyor setup"
  3. Enter the required information
    1. Name: Name the conveyor that will help you identify it in the future. For example "Best Cleaners Assembly". This is especially important you have multiple conveyors (assembly, storage, bagger, etc)
    2. Number of Slots on conveyor: Enter the capacity of your conveyors, this will create an entry under Rack Locations page with the number of slots yo enter here with an abbreviated name of your conveyor - for example best-cleaners-assembly (in RACKING > Setup)
    3. Type: Select from a few brands we support (metal)
    4. Category: choose whether this is for an assembly or storage conveyor
  4. If you wish to automatically print tickets on Starchup upon extraction, we support Star Micronics CloudPRNT printers. To setup Assembly printer, please follow the Cloud Print Setup guide
    1. After creating a printer, you can select a default printer from the list in the dropdown.
    2. If you have multiple load stations, we offer the ability to automatically print tickets at each load station individually. To do so, start by entering the name of your first load station (for example LS1). Then click "Add Load Station" as many times as you have load stations
  5. Click "Setup Conveyor"
  6. Contact Metalprogetti support and provide them with the name you entered on starchup and they will be a able to connect your conveyor to starchup very quickly.
  7. Your conveyor will now be connected and talking to Starchup!