Redos enable users to reprocess items that need additional attention without charging the customer. There are two types of redos: (1) paid and (2) unpaid.

Paid Redos

Paid redos are when a customer has already paid for cleaning and returns an item for additional attention. For paid redos, simply create a new order for that customer and either detail items from a user-created "Redo" category or zero out the item prices manually or with a user-created "REDO" coupon code.

Unpaid Redos

Unpaid redo are when a customer has not yet paid, for instance if the store notices an issue requiring additional attention after the item has returned from production. Orders in the Ready status will display a "Redo Ticket" button on each ticket and an "R" button next to each item. Clicking either button will split the ticket or item into a new order and automatically label the item(s) as **REDO**.

Redo Report

Users can run a Redo Report to see statistics related to redos that have been processed in the Custom Reports section.