Delivery Racking

Delivery Racking is the process of assigning delivery tickets to a "truck" location. Scanning a ticket to a truck will update the status of that ticket to Ready (for Delivery) and, if necessary, reschedule that order's delivery to that route and date. 

The Delivery Racking pages has various columns indicating the status of all tickets that are scheduled for delivery on that route. Route Tickets include all unracked tickets for delivery on that route. When a ticket is scanned, it moves to the Racked column and is racked to the truck location. When all tickets on the order are Ready, the order will update to Ready for Delivery and the tickets will move to the Ready column.

Note that for customers set to Automatic billing, when updating delivery orders to Ready the system will automatically process payment for that order on the customer's set billing method. If an Automatic billing customer has a billing method that is not Credit Card, has no card on file, or their card is declined, the ticket will move to the "error" column of the Delivery Racking page. The driver can still rack these tickets to the truck by hitting Make Account and Update, which will make the customer On Account and update the order to Ready. The operator will need to collect payment later.

After all available tickets are scanned, the driver can hit Run Today's Manifest, which will split off all tickets that are not scanned to the truck from any tickets on the same order that are scanned to the truck and make the order for the remaining racked tickets Ready for Delivery. It will also create pickups for any recurring customers that for any reason do not have a Pending Pickup for that route.