Static Route Dashboard

The Static Route Dashboard is found at the bottom of the Delivery Racking page (Racking > Delivery). It displays all customers who are assigned to the selected route, any orders they currently have, and information about those orders. See "lanDyn Route Customers" in the image below:

Color Warnings


A yellow Customer Row indicates that the customer has multiple orders.

A red  Customer Row indicates that the customer has no orders scheduled for pickup or delivery on the next date of this route.


A yellow Order Row indicates that the order is pending pickup, but the order's pickup date is not the next date of the route.

A red Order Row indicates one of the following:

  • The order is a store order
  • The order's pickup and delivery date are the same
  • The order's pickup date is in the future, but the order's status is "Picked Up" or further
  • The order's delivery date does not match the next date of the route

Buttons & Functionality

The Order Buttons on this dashboard enable the user to solve the issues noted in the Color Warnings above, and the Batch Buttons fix other potential issues with the route.

Order Buttons

"Resch." - reschedule a pending pickup's pickup date or picked up and above order's delivery date for the next date of the route.

"Prog." - progress the order to the next order status.

"Del." - delete a pending pickup.

Batch Buttons

"Edit Stops" - enables the user to change the stop numbers for any customers on the route. 

"Resequence Stops" - updates each customer's stop number to match the sequence they appear on the dashboard.

"Schedule Missing Pickups" - schedules a pickup order for all customers that do not have a pickup for the next route date, excluding any customers that skipped their pickup. Note that running the driver's manifest after racking delivery orders automatically schedules any missing pickups.