Pickup On Delivery

If a driver arrives to deliver a custoemrs items, and they turn out to have new items to be picked up, the pickup on delivery fucntion can be used.  This will create a new order for that customer so that the items can be detailed to that order when they arrive back at the shop.

The default delivery date that will be set for the order depends upon a few factors

If the customer is currently assigned to a specific delivery route (on their customer page -> change button -> route drop down at the top of the page) the the delivery date will follow that schedule.

If the customer is not assigned to a specific route, and instead schedules orders as needed (including recurring orders) then the pickup on delivery will first try to mimic the current orders delivery schedule.  If that's not possible (ie no route would run x days later, or that route is already full) then the delivery will be scheduled for the next available route of the same type (static or dynamic) that would fall AFTER the current routes turn around time.