1. Initial Setup

Hello and Welcome to Starch Up!

Before you dig into the meat and potatoes of the system there are a few initial actions you'll want to take that will be outlined here.

First we'll want to gather some basic info about your business.  To provide this this info you'll go to setup -> accounts -> account tab via the left hand side menu.  There are 3 sections on this page where you can fill out the information and then click the update button under the section to save the changes.

  • Customer Support Email -- This is the address that will show up in the from field when a customer is emailed.
  • Cleaner Report Email -- This is the address we'll send internal notices to.  This can be the same as the support email, but does not need to be the same.
  • Support Call Number -- This is the phone number that will be shown in the contact us section of the app.  It should be a number that rings through to your shop
  • Assigned SMS Number -- No action needed here, this will show the number that is provisioned for your SMS messages
  • URL options -- If you have an existing site you can point to the various links on your current pages, but it's fine to skip these all for now as well
  • Customer Reviews URL -- If you've got an external review link set up such as a g.page link this can be specified here, but if not it's fine to skip this
  • Social Media fields -- These can also be left blank, but if you have an account on any of the listed platforms you can specify those here
  • Facility Address -- This is the physical address of your facility. This is required
  • Billing Address -- If you allow folks to run a tab and later invoice them, this is the address they should mail their payments to.   This can either match the facility address or another location as needed.

Once those basic facts have been saved to the system we can then look at everybody's favorite, making sure you get paid.
From the setup -> accounts page you'll click onto the payments information tab.  If you'll be using BrainTree as your payment processor you'll enter your bank account number and routing info, as well as your businesses legal name and tax payer number.  If you'll be using another payment processor this is something you'll want to let us know during your on boarding calls

We can now move on to creating your first test route