3. Preparing for your first test order

With the initial account level setup in place, you'll  likely want to put through a test order.  Before this can be done however we'll need to get at least one test item created, and then we can get a test customer created.

First we'll want to get an initial item added to your account.  This will prime a few things on the back end as well as setting up an item to use in your later tests.  To do so you'll want to go to:

  1. setup -> services -> prices tab.
  2. Click Add New Service Type
  3. Fill in the following values:
    1. NEW TYPE -- this will be the name of a whole category of items (ie Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold, Household Items, etc)
    2. SERVICES  -- here enter the name of the item (ie hat, shirt, suit, test item, etc)
    3. ICON -- This is optional, but you can choose to associate an icon with the item.  This will be seen later when detailing an order
    4. PRICING -- The cost of a single item (ie 5, or 12.78, etc)
    5. PIECES -- this is optional, but can be used to specify the number of physical items associated with this entry (ie a t-shirt would be one item, but a suit consisting of a jacket, vest, and pants might have a value of 3 here)
    6. DUE -- This is the number of days it will take for this item to be cleaned.  This might be 0 for wash and fold items, a day for dry cleaned items, or 7 days for larger items such as a wedding dress
    7. PRICE LIST --  This can be left blank or set to 1.  More info about price lists and how they can be used can be found here
    8. TAX RATE -- If left blank items will inherit the facility tax rate, but if you've got any items that have custom tax rates this is where you'd specify that
  4. Click save

With that item in place we can then set about creating your first customer.  There are a few ways a customer account can be created (more info here but for this this first test account we'll do the following

  1. Go to the home page (hanger icon from the left hand menu)
  2. Click the New Customer button
  3. Fill in at a minimum the customers first and last name.  Adding an email address (to allow you to test customer facing messages) and setting the payment type to cash (to allow for testing with this account without having to add a CC that charges would go through against) are also likely good ideas.
  4. Click the create customer

We can now move on to making your first test order