4. Creating and processing your first test order

With the initial setup, the route creation, and other preparations in place we're now ready to create, detail and progress the first test order.  We'll be creating a delivery order as that's got some extra options to deal with, but know that if you create an in store order we'll just skip right to detailing the order after clicking the new order button.

Creating the Order:

  1. From the home page search for the customer
  2. From the customers account page click the new delivery order button
  3. On the resulting page we'll need to specify:
    1. The pickup date
    2. the pickup route
    3. the delivery date
    4. the delivery time
    5. if the order is one time or recurring (a recurring order will create a new pickup order once it's delivered)
  4. Click the create order button

Detailing the Order:

When detailing an order there are are 3 detail modes (S for scan, F for full, FA for fast add, Q for Quick).  Scan mode is useful if you're using heat seal labels, and Quick is useful if you just need a generic slip that isn't really detailed.  We'll ignore those two modes for now but if this sounds like something that may be of use to you please do bring it up during your on-boarding calls. 

FA mode is designed to be a bit quicker, while prompting for fewer details, The details for an item will be specified via a drawer on the bottom of the page with further details being accessed on the various tabs.  The item is saved after you click elsewhere on the page

F mode is designed to give you access to all of the details for an item at once, but will require you to click a save button after adding the details.

Once you've selected your detail mode you'll select the category of item (ie Dry Clean, Wash & Fold, etc)

After selecting a category you'll see the items within that category in the items section. Click onto one to select it

On the resulting screen you'll add any further details such as color, or up-charges

You can repeat this process as needed to add more items to the order.  Items from different categories, or with different due dates will default to going onto a new ticket under the same order.

Progressing the Order:

There are various states that an order can be in that correspond to the various states of the items.  An order can be progressed through these states by clicking the teal button in the lower right hand corner.  The states are:

  1.  Pending Pickup -- the order has not yet been picked up, when the driver marks an order as picked up it will move out of this state
  2. Ticketing -- This corresponds to the order being detailed as in the above steps
  3. Processing -- This is for use when the items are currently being cleaned
  4. Assembled -- The items have been cleaned and are being gathered together.
  5. Ready -- The items are ready to be picked up in store, or loaded onto the delivery truck.  This is also the step that a an automatic billing delivery order would be charged
  6. Picked up / Delivered -- The items are now back with the customer having completed the cleaning process.