Tax System

By default, customers are charged the default facility tax rate set on the Services > Fees tab -> Tax Rate. 

There are three exceptions:

  • The order is a retail order and the facility has a retail tax rate set in setup -> services -> Fees tab -> Retail Tax Rate. In this case the retail tax rate is charged for all items.
  • The order contains an item with a custom tax rate (set in setup -> services -> prices tab -> Tax column next to a given item. In this case the tax for that item is determined by the custom rate  
  • If the customer is assigned to a Tax Group, the tax rates assigned to that tax group will replace the default rate. (Note that the two exceptions listed above will still apply where relevant.)
You can set a customer's tax group in their account page under the billing section by clicking the edit button and then selecting the tax code ID from the drop down menu.. 

You can create a new tax rate and assign it to a tax group on the Services > Fees page by clicking the Add/Edit Tax Rates button. From there you can name the tax, add the rate, and assign to a group. 

Multiple rates can be assigned to one group. In this case, the tax amount for each rate will be calculated and displayed on the order, in addition to the total tax amount that will be the sum of all tax amounts.