Google Tag Manager

This page explains how to integrate an existing Google Tag Manager (GTM) account with an existing Starchup account. 

Starchup Setup:

First input your Google Tag Manager Id into the StarchUp system.  This is done via setup -> account -> Marketing Information section -> Google Tag Manager Id field.  To save the change use the Update Account Information button 

GTM Setup:

Set a History Change trigger inside your Google Tag Manager workspace to trigger when a customer moves from page to page in your Starchup Customer App:

With the History Change trigger in place, you can add new Tags and fire them based on that History Change trigger:

Then you can add the properties in the data layer below as custom dimensions (as seen here under Set Custom Dimension Values from the Data Layer).
The customer app will be returning the following data:
dataLayer: {
Customer Id,
Customer Name,
Customer Email,
App Page