Creating Driver Schedules

After you create a driver, you can add schedules for that driver to service. This is where you can limit the times and the locations from which your customers will be able to request service to in the Customer App. The times and time intervals you choose will show to customers whose addresses are within the service area that you create.

To create a schedule:

  1. Click on Set Up > Drivers.
  2. Choose the Schedules tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click the + ADD button at the top right of the page to bring up the Add Schedule page.
  4. Select the driver whose schedule you are creating.
  5. Select the days of the week for this schedule.
  6. Select the time of those days that this schedule will apply and the interval length that the customer will see in the Customer App. 
  7. Choose between a Scheduled or Static Route.
  8. Choose whether this route will be Pickup or Delivery Only, or will allow customers to place either.
  9. Create a service area for this schedule in the polygon map (see Draw Service Area Polygon). 
  10. Click "Create Schedule".

Create Driver Schedule