Reports Overview

Starchup offers 6 different default types of reports: Orders, Customers, Coupons, Drivers, Routes, and Transactions:

Report Description
Orders Report This report details information about individual orders such as order amounts, fees, dates, and customer information.
Customers Report This report details per customer information such as total revenue, orders, customer data, first and last order dates, and referral information.
Coupons Report This report details information about your promotions such as amounts, redemption numbers, and usage. 
Drivers Report This report details information about your drivers such as contact information, activity dates, orders information, and miles driven.
Routes Report This report details information about individual routes such as number of stops, number of skips, revenue, and miles driven.
Transaction Report This report is transaction specific, detailing all transactions - orders, refunds, etc. - processed by the platform.

When accessed these reports will download to your local system.

The Reports page enables you to filter many of the available reports so you can quickly get to the information that you need.


In addition to the standard reports, there are custom reports that can be accessed.  The output of these reports will simply display on the screen.  These reports are:

Report Description
Subscription Details of when a subscription was activated and how much revenue the subscription has brought in
Daily Revenue Details the daily revenue from each catigory of item (Wash and Fold, Wash and Press, Dry Clean, or Other) as well as total revenue
Employee Hours Details the clock in time, clock out time, and total daily hours
Close Out  Details Cash, Credit Card, Check, and total receipts as well as cash balence
Opt Out Details any users who have opted out of a subscription
Inventory Details any items currently in the facility and their due dates

A detailed listing of everything contained within each report can also be found  here.