Picking Up An Order

The Driver App routes your driver to pickups, enables customer communication, and enables you to track the pickups throughout the day. To pick up an order using the driver app:

  1. Download the "Starchup Driver App" from the App Store or Google Play. 
  2. Sign into the app using the driver credentials that you created on the dashboard (see Add Driver).
  3. On the List Screen you will see your pickups and deliveries for the day, their scheduled times, the time you will arrive if you leave now (in gray), and the customer address.
  4. Click on the next stop that you want to make to enter the stop detail view. 
  5. From the detail screen you can see the customers full address, special instructions, and order inventory. You can also call or text the customer by tapping the phone icon. When you reach the customer's location and get their bag, tap the Next button.
  6. This brings you to the Stop Screen. Here you can tap PICKUP to bring up the scanner. Scan the customer's barcode or QR code to associate it with the order and mark it as picked up and go on to your next stop. Quick Pickup allows you to pick up the order without scanning a barcode.
  7. If for any reason you cannot make a scheduled stop, tap RESCHEDULE in the Stop Screen and the customer will be asked to reschedule the order.
  8. If the order is a recurring order, the Reschedule button will say Skip. If the customer does not have a pickup that week, tap Skip to mark that order as skipped and move on to the next order.