Order Process

The Order Process is a series of events that begins with the placement of the customer's order and concludes with the completion of that order. The Order Process includes the following events:

Starchup Event
Pending Pickup A customer's order is scheduled for pickup.
Picked Up The order has been marked as "Picked Up" by the driver (on the Driver App) or on the Dashboard.
Processing The order is at the store, may have been detailed, and the cleaning process has begun.
Assembled  The cleaning of the items has completed, and the items have been gathered for delivery
Pending Delivery
Pending Scheduling Delivery
The order has been processed and marked "Ready for Delivery."
If the customer has already selected a delivery time, it will be Pending delivery.
If not, it will be Pending Scheduling Delivery until the customer does select a delivery time.
Delivered The order has been marked as "Delivered" by the driver (on the Driver App) or on the Dashboard.
Completed The customer has rated the order.

The status of an order is noted on the orders page of the dashboard: