Ticketing and Detailing Orders

Once an order is created on Starchup and either picked up by your driver or dropped off in your store, you can detail and ticket the items in one of two ways: (1) Quick or (2) Full.
Quick detailing creates a "Quick Ticket" that is generally used to show an in-store customer what they have given you in general terms - a piece count per category. On Starchup, you can customize how you want your Quick Tickets to display. For more information on how to create Quick Tickets, see  Quick Ticketing

Full detailing creates a "Full Ticket" that is used to show the full inventory - items, pricing, upcharges, etc. - of the order. On Starchup, Full Tickets are automatically split up by category and due date, with per ticket item limits set on the Services Page. For more information on how to create Full Tickets, see Full Ticketing