Skipping Pickups

One of our favorite features of the Starchup platform is the ability for customers and drivers to "skip" pickups on recurring orders when the customer does not have cleaning to do. Here's how it works:

Customer Skip

1. The day before a route, each customer with a recurring pickup receives an SMS text message reminding them of the next day's pickup. 

2. If the customer replies "SKIP" to that SMS, their pickup is removed from the driver's manifest the next day. 

3. On the Management Dashboard the order is moved to the Skipped section of the orders page, which notes that the customer initiated the skip.

Driver Skip

1. If the driver reaches a customer's pickup location, and that customer has not left their clothes out for pickup, the driver can tap on that order and tap the skip button.

2. The order is immediately removed from the driver's manifest.

3. On the Management Dashboard the order is moved to the Skipped section of the orders page, which notes that the driver initiated the skip.