Unattended vs. Attended Routes

Unattended Delivery

Dry cleaners have long run what are called "unattended" delivery routes. For these type of routes, customers sign up to "join" the route (which runs on predetermined days, such as Monday & Thursday). Customers are instructed to simply leave their clothes out on their porch, door, etc. to be picked up at some time during the scheduled day. The customer does not notify the cleaner if they have a pickup; instead, the driver leaves the facility and stops by every single customer location, picking up bags only if the customer leaves them out. Those clothes are then cleaned and returned to the customer on the next day that the route runs (i.e. pickup Thursday, delivery Monday).

Attended Delivery

More recently, many cleaners and most of the "laundry apps" out there offer "attended" delivery routes. For these type of routes, the customer places an order for pickup on a specific day and time, and the window for that pickup can vary. The customer can either schedule their delivery when placing the order or when the order has been cleaned. The driver notifies the customer when they are on their way or have arrived for the pickup and the delivery. The driver often interacts directly with the customer or doorman when picking up and delivering the order (though, not necessarily, as the customer can leave a bag on the porch just the same). 

Driver Efficiency Pro: The driver only stops at customers who definitely have an order. 
Con: The driver loses time in the customer interaction
Pro: The driver can run through the planned route without diversion. 
Cons: The driver must stop at every customer location regardless of whether they have a pickup (20-40% on average).
Customer Experience The customer can place an order based on his/her schedule. Interaction with (good) drivers gives a more personalized retail experience. The customer does not have to do anything except place their bag outside.
Customer Retention Because the customer can place orders at their convenience (especially from their phone on an app), they may develop a habit. Pro: Because the customer doesn't have to place orders, they can develop a habit. 
Con: If they need service on an off day, they may use a competitor.
Geography Works well in both urban and suburban areas. Challenging in urban areas where customers live in multi-unit buildings and may be reluctant to leave clothes outside.

Starchup's Technology Improves Both Types of Delivery

Starchup enables you to offer both Attended and Unattended routes, and our technology improves the profitability of both options.

Driver Efficiency Starchup's  routing technology improves your driver's efficiency regardless of the delivery type. For unattended delivery, our SMS Reminder enables customers to text SKIP if they don't have a pickup, reducing no-shows, and new orders are inserted in the most efficient time slot based on the driver's predetermined route. 
Customer Experience The customer can place orders or join an unattended route on his/her schedule on your website or mobile app.
Customer Retention Starchup's customer engagement text, emails, and mobile app features ensure that your customers are up to date on their orders and your promotions based on their use of your services.