Batch Editing Orders

The Orders Page provides the option to make updates to a group of orders, or batch edit. To batch edit:

  1. Check the boxes to the left of the orders you wish to update (check the box in the header bar to select all). 
  2. Click "Delete", "Skip", or "Progress" along the bottom to apply the action to all of the selected orders.
    1. Delete: remove the order from the Orders Page.
    2. Skip: for recurring orders, remove any given instance of the pickup from your active orders and the driver's manifest. The order will move to the Skipped tab and the rest of the instances of the recurring order will remain in pattern. 
    3. Progress: move the order to the next stage of the order process.
      **Note** all orders must be in the same order status to batch progress
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation pop up.