Quick Ticketing

Quick detailing creates a "Quick Ticket" that is generally used to show an in-store customer what they have given you in general terms - a piece count per category. A quick ticket on Starchup is very customizable. You can have it simply list the quantity of items, the items in each category, or even list each of the items by name and price. To add an item to a quick ticket:

1. Go to the Order Detail Page.
2. Find the item to detail in the list of items under each category. You can customize this list on the  Services Page.
3. Enter the quantity for that item and click "Quick Add".
4. Repeat for each item on the Quick Ticket.
While quick tickets are useful to have a quick way to document things for the customer, it's not the last stop in the ticket detailing processes.  As items are processed a full detail ticket will be needed.  If you attempt to progress an order to the processed state the quick tickets will be closed out.  If you have not yet fully detailed the order with the same number of items that where quick ticketed then a warning will be displayed.