Full Ticketing

A Full Ticket includes more information about each item, and Full Tickets are automatically split up by category and due date, with per ticket item limits set on the Services Page. To create a Full Ticket:
1. Go to the Order Detail Page
2. Fast add can be used for items that do not need further detailing, but to add item specific details or up-charges select the Full entry method.
3. Find the item to detail in the list of items under each category. You can customize this list on the  Services Page.
4. Click  the item.  You Can then add the descriptors if you wish or click the skip descriptor button at the top of the page
5. The  Full Detail pop-up modal has a variety of optional information that you can add to the item's detail. Once complete, click Save and Add Item.
6. If this is the first item on the order, it will create a new ticket with the ticket code Order Number + Ticket Number (starting at 1 and incrementing by 1 for each new ticket) + Category Code (and abbreviation of the category).

7. Each new item that is Full Detailed will be added to this ticket if (1) the item is in the same category and has the same due date as the rest of the ticket and (2) the ticket has not reached the limit of items for tickets in that category. Otherwise, new items will be placed on a new ticket.