Full Detail Modal

The Full Detail pop-up modal has a variety of information that you can add to the item's detail.

- Garment Code: if using heat seal labels, you can can the code here to add it to this item. Otherwise a code with be automatically generated.

- Garment Notes: add any notes about this particular garment.
- Color/Brand/Pattern/Material: choose from a list of each to assign to the garment.
- Due date: select when the garment should be ready for the customer. The default date uses the number of turnaround days ( set on the Services page) from the time that you detail the item.
- Employee: select an employee that you would like associated with the cleaning of this item (for any reason). This can be different from the employee that actually details the item.
- Save/Add Upcharges: choose any upcharges that you would like added to this item.
If you use the Garment Code and heat seal labeling, each time you scan that garment code the following information will remain with that garment:
- Garment Notes
- Color/Brand/Pattern/Material