Creating Coupons

Starchup enables you to create and track coupon codes that your customers can use in your Web and Mobile Ordering Apps. To create a coupon:

  1. Click the Set Up > Coupons to access the Coupons Page
  2. Click the + ADD button in the top right.
  3. Name the coupon code. The code can consist of letters and numbers.
  4. Enter the coupon type. 
    1. Single use, one customer can be used only once. 
    2. Single use, unlimited customers can be used by any customer one time. 
    3. Permanent Codes can be added to a customer's profile for permanent discounts.
    4. per Item codes will apply to each item on the order, (ie, a 1.00 per item coupon for a wash and fold order that is regularly 1.99, would for a 10 lb order, be charged 9.99, not 18.99 as each pound would be 1.00 off)
  5. (Optional) Enter the Coupon start and end dates. The coupon code will only be valid during this period.
  6. Enter the Coupon Value. This can be either a credit amount or a percentage discount.
    1. Credit amount is a dollar amount that is added to the customer's account and applied to their next order.
    2. Percentage discount is discounted from their order.
  7. (Optional) You can also enter a coupon description to remind Agents the purpose of the coupon.

Create Coupon