Driver Schedules Modal

The Driver Schedules Modal enables you to create schedules for you driver that will control when customers can schedule pickups and deliveries. An explanation of the various fields on the modal can be found below.

Route Name: Name the schedule for easy identification.

Copy Polygon: Copy existing polygons from other schedules to easily add them to new routes.

Driver: Choose which driver this schedule will belong to.

Type: Choose whether this will be a Dynamic or Static route. 

Fee: Add a fee if a customer chooses this route. The customer will see the fee in the app when they select this route.

POS Route ID: If using a POS integration, enter the POS route number here.

Repeat On: Enter the days of the week on which this schedule will repeat.

Schedule Length: Enter the beginning and end time for the schedule. For instance, 8a to 12p.

Windows: Enter the length of the time window that customer will see. For instance, on the schedule above a 2 hour window will show 8a-10a and 10-12a as options to the customer.

SMS Enabled: Select this if you want customers to be able to text "pickup" to your SMS number and create a pickup on this schedule.

Turnaround Time: Set the number of days after a pickup on this schedule that a customer will be able to schedule their delivery.

Stop Buffer: For Dynamic routes only, this is the amount of buffer time that the scheduling algorithm to use between the previous pickup and when the Google directions times will begin. It stands for the amount of time that your driver will take to complete a stop, but it can be used to further space out stops on your route.

Service: You can set this schedule to only have pickups, deliveries, or both.