Cloud Print Setup

PLEASE NOTE: The Star Micronics CloudPrnt feature works with a limited set of Star Micronic printers. The ONLY printers we can confirm are supported for use with Starchup's CloudPrnt are found here:

This includes:

Star Micronics TSP654II CLOUDPRNT
Star Micronics SP742 CLOUDPRNT
Star Micronics, TSP743 CLOUDPRNT

We can provide no assurances that the CloudPrnt feature will work with other models. You can use a non-supported printer to print through the browser using the "Dashboard" print option in your Workstation Settings.

If you have a CloudPrnt enabled printer, you can configure the ability to print receipts via the dashboard from any device:

1. Connect the printer to the router using an Ethernet cord

2. Hold down the button on the front of the printer AND turn the printer on
3. The printer will first print out printer information, then up to 30 seconds later it will print out the printer's IP address
4. Go to your computer's browser and navigate to that IP address by entering it into the URL bar. For instance, if the IP is, enter
5. Make a note of the MAC address shown at the top of the screen as this will be needed in step 9

6. Log in with username: 'root' and password: 'public'
7. Go to the CloudPRNT section and turn on CloudPRNT
8. Where it asks for a URL/webhook enter: and then save this change.
9. Set the "polling interval" value to 1 second
10. Go to Starchup dashboard, Setup > Settings > Printers, and make a printer with the MAC address from step 5  If setting a ticket/receipt printer up you'll want to enter two records, one as a ticket printer, and one as a receipt printer.
11. Click on the save printer settings.
12. From the home page -> workstation settings -> ticket or tag drop down as appropriate from for the printer you are setting up  -> select the new printer name you've just set up.
You'll now be ready to print via the dashboard from any device.
13.  If setting up a tag printer, you''ll want to check that the system is running on firmware 1.5 or later.  This can be done by clicking the firmware option on the left hand menu, using the check for updates button, and applying the firmware update if any is found
If you are using a wired connection for the printer, you are all set at this point.  If however you are going to be using a wireless dongle, then the wireless connection will need to be configured.
To configure the the printer to use your wireless network:
1) Connect the wireless dongle to the printer, and restart the printer
2) Navigate back to the printer configuration web page at the IP address from the printed information you'd visited earlier.
3) Select the Wireless Connection option from the left hand side view
4) Select the "Site Survey" button.
5) Select your wireless network from the list and specify any necessary connection details.  These would be the same details you'd need to connect a laptop to the wireless network
6) Save the changes and restart the printer.
Note, once the printers have been setup, on each workstation you'll want to go to the home/getting started page and click into workstation settings.  From there you'll want to select the newly configured printers rather than the dashboard print option to ensure that the workstation uses the new printer rather than continuing to open things in a new tab.