Report details

This page has a detailed listing of what you can find within each report.  An overview of accessing these reports can be found here. Individual elements may not apply to s specific line item and so may be blank in some cases.

Standard Reports

The Orders report contains:

  • Order ID
  • Bar code
  • Order source
  • Creation dateRe
  • Customer information including ID, name, phone, address
  • Subscription information
  • Order preference information
  • Order Status
  • Order feedback
  • Scheduled and Actual pickup and drop off times as well as the driver that handled each
  • Recurring order status
  • Skipped status
  • Item count, cost, and up-charges for Wash and Fold, Wash and Press, and Dry Cleaned items
  • Date that the order was charged

The Customers report contains:

  • Customer Information including ID, email name and address
  • Registration Source and date
  • SMS status (SMS ready and SMS opt out)
  • Customer address service status
  • Remaining credits
  • Date of first and most recent orders
  • Total order count and total spend
  • Payment method
  • Ambassador code and number of referrals
  • Referral code customer used when signing and who referred them
  • Subscription plan information and total subscription spend.

The Coupons report contains:

  • The back end ID of the coupon
  • Creation date
  • Coupon code that is used by customers
  • Coupon start and end date
  • Value of the coupon
  • Total value of all uses of the coupon

The Driver report contains:

  • Driver ID
  • Creation date
  • Email address
  • Driver Name
  • Driver phone number
  • Last active date
  • Total orders handled by driver
  • Total value of orders handled by driver
  • Average value of orders handled by driver

The Routes report contains:

  • Date of the route stops
  • Days of the week the route runs on 
  • Route start and end times
  • Number of stops
  • Number of skips
  • Revenue from the route

The Transactions report contains:

  • Back end ID's for The transaction and payment method
  • Customer ID
  • Customer Name
  • Order ID
  • Transaction date
  • Settlement date
  • Disbursement date
  • Item count
  • Total item charges
  • Delivery fees
  • Subscription fees
  • Credits
  • Refund amounts
  • Tax
  • Net sale value
  • Starchup fee
  • Processing fee
  • Deposit amount

The NPS report contains:

  • Business name
  • Customer ID
  • Customer name
  • Customer address
  • Customer email
  • Customer phone number
  • Order ID
  • Coupon used
  • First order date
  • Gross sale amount
  • Delivery date
  • Delivery driver
  • Order source
  • Subscription used

Custom Reports

The subscription report contains:

  • Customer name
  • Subscription name
  • Signup date
  • Charge date
  • Total customer spend on subscription

The daily revenue report contains daily totals for:

  • Wash and Fold
  • Wash and Press
  • Dry Clean
  • Items from the Other catigoy
  • Upcharges
  • Order totals
  • Subscription charges
  • Fees
  • Coupons
  • Credits
  • Refunds

The employee hours report contains:

  • Date
  • Clock In timestamp
  • Clock out timestamp
  • Total time worked

The close out report contains:

  • Cash receipts

  • Credit card receipts

  • Check receipts

  • Total receipts

  • Cash balance

The opt-out report covers subscriptions that have been opted out and includes:

  • Customer name
  • Subscription name
  • Opt out date

The inventory report covers any customer items currently in the facility

  • Customer Name
  • Ticket ID
  • Item code
  • Item name
  • Description
  • Location
  • Status
  • Route
  • Due date