Billing On Account Customers

Customers with their billing set to "On Account" are not charged when an order is progressed to ready for delivery.  Instead these customer will run a tab which can then be manually billed.  This can be done for a single customer or multiple customers at once.  

To trigger a billing of on account customers you'll :

  1. Open the Customer modal from the dashboard.
  2. Select the Advanced Filters button
  3. From the "Outstanding Balance" drop down check the Yes option
  4. You may wish to select Card from the "Payment Method" as only customers with a Card payment type will automatically be charged, however this same processes can be used to clear a balance for a customer who pays by check or cash
  5. Click the Search button
  6. Place a tick in the boxes next to any customers you are looking to bill
  7. Press the "Charge" button in the bottom right hand corner to bill the selected accounts.

When the account or accounts have been billed in this fashion the customer or customers will get an email invoice detailing any orders covered by the invoice.