Customer Account Tags

Account tags can be assigned via the dashboard to one or more accounts via the dashboard and will allow you to search for a subset of customers more easily.Pre

Tags can be added to multiple accounts at once by:

  • Bring up the customer modal in the dashboard
  • Select either show all, or do a search for the customers you'll be apply the tag to
  • Place a tick in the box next to each account you'll be adding the tag to.
  • Click the teal button in the bottom right hand corner with the tag icon
  • Enter the tag you'll be applying, any pre-existing tags that match will show up in a drop down to be selected, or if it's a new tag simply type out the name and press enter

Alternately if you are looking to add or remove a tag from a single customer you can:

  • Go to the customer's account page
  • Select the group tab
  • Press the edit group button
  • To delete a tag select the trash can icon next to the tag name
  • To add a tag simply type the tag into the tag field and hit Enter, or select an existing tag.
  • Press save once the desired tag configuration has been reached.

To search based on customer tags:

  • Bring up the customer modal in the dash
  • Select the Advanced Filters button
  • Choose the tag to search by from the Tags dropdown
  • Click the Search button to apply the filter.