What to expect from a Holiday

When setting a holiday the behavior you'll expect will depend upon if your have  POS integration (Fabricare / CompassMax)  or are an App only cleaner.

App Users:

When a holiday is set, app users will not be given the option to select the date for either pickups or deliverys

Any recurring order that would have been a pickup on the holiday will be automatically skipped the week of the holiday.  For recurring orders scheduled for delivery on that date, the delivery will be rescheduled to the following delivery date. Any customers who have an order skipped in this fashion will receive a SMS message letting them know of this, and advising them to schedule a 1 time order if service is needed that week.  The normal recurring order will resume the following week.

SMS for skipped pickup: Hello from _cleaner_name_, your pickup for _pickup_date_ falls on a holiday. Schedule a one-time order on the app or website, or we will see you for your next regular pickup!

SMS for rescheduled delivery: Hello from _cleaner_name_, your delivery for _delivery_date_ falls on a holiday and has been rescheduled for _new_delivery_date_. We will see you for your next regular pickup!

POS Integration Users: Integration pickups and deliveries that fall on a set holiday will be made as usual, but they will be available on the driver app until the day after holiday period you have set. This allows your drivers to run their routes the day(s) following the set holiday. (For instance, Thursday's orders will remain on the driver app for operation on Friday.)
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INTEGRATION USERS: Skip texts will go out regardless of a set holiday. So it is important that you temporarily turn off your skip texts before any holidays to avoid customer confusion.