Loyalty Program

The loyalty program allows customers to earn points for every dollar they spend, and then via the customer ording app they an redeem these points for credits that can be used to pay their bill.  The amount of points they earn per dollar of spending, as well as the point cost and value of the credits can be customized by you.

Points Earned per Dollar Spent -- This setting controls the amount of points a customer will earn for each dollar they spend with you.  These point are what can be used by the customer to redeem account credits.
Permanent discount  -- when configured, any customer who joins the loyalty program will get this discount applied automatically to all of their orders.  This is seperate from any coupon discount that may be applied to the customers account and would apply to all members of the loyalty program.
Cost to join -- this is optional and can be set to $0.  If set customers will be charged this value to join the program.  The expectation is that this would be paired with a permanent discount
The Rewards section is where you can configure the rewards that customers can redeem with their loyalty points.  For example, you could configure 100 points to a $10 credit, and 200 points for a $25.

From a customers point of view, under the invite friends portion of the app they'll have the option to see their current credit balance as well as a tab to join the rewards program.  Once they've joined the rewards program they'll have the option to see their current point total and to purchase a credit with their points.  Any credits purchased in this fashion would then show up in their credit balance both in the dashboard as well as in the customers app.