Adding coupons to orders

Coupons can be added to orders as they are created either via the customer ordering app or via the dashboard,  or after the order has already been created via the dashboard.

When a customer is placing an order from the app, prior to the review order step there is a field in which a coupon code can be entered.  This coupon will then apply to that order.

If you are creating a new order from the dashboard, a coupon can also be applied at that point.  From the new order creation window select the coupon dropdown in the lower right hand corner.  Available coupons will be choices in the drop down box that can be selected and the chosen coupon will be applied to the order.

Orders that have already been created can also have a coupon applied.  To do so navigate to an an orders full detail page, then select the show order details option.  Then select the edit option.  From the coupon drop down you can then select the coupon you'd like to apply.  Finally click save to persist the change.