Customer preferences such as detergent type, starch level, or hanging vs folding may be the sort of thing you'd like to know about.  Fortunately, you can create custom preference options that customers can then configure via the app to let you know this on a per customer level.

These preferences can be accessed/added/edited via the setup -> service -> preference tab screen.

Much like individual services preferences can be associated with a parent category (ie Dry Cleaning or Wash and Fold) in within each category you can set up one or more preferences.  

To add a new  preferences simply go to the setup -> service -> preference tab screen and click the + icon in the top right hand corner.  Then select the parent category from the drop down, and name the new preference (ie Shirt Packaging)

You can then add the options the customer can choose from by going to the parent category, finding the preference name you've created, and define the options in the preference row.

You can then select which preference you'd like things to default to if applicable by placing a tick next to that option